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Solomon Lasluisa Fan Zhang, Tong Jin Ivan Rodero Hoang Bui Manish Parashar

In-situ feature-based objects tracking for data-intensive scientific and enterprise analytics workflows Journal Article

Cluster Computing, 2014.

Tags: data-intensive, in-situ, scientific workflows

Tong Jin Fan Zhang, Qian Sun Hoang Bui Norbert Podhorszki Scott Klasky Heman Kolla Jackie Chen Robert Hager Chang Manish Parashar C S

Leveraging Deep Memory Hierarchies for Data Staging in Coupled Data Intensive Simulation Workflows Conference

IEEE Cluster, 2014.

Tags: data staging, data-intensive, deep memory hierarchy, simulation workflow

V. Bhat M. Parashar, ; Klasky, S

Experiments with In-Transit Processing for Data Intensive Grid workflows Conference

8th IEEE International Conference on Grid Computing, 2007.

Tags: data-intensive, grid workflow, in-transit